• limefieldjohn

Algorithmic Goblins

Updated: Aug 7

Algorithms sneaking around your business. Doesn’t feel good. In modern society, the algorithm is where the parasitic nature of the corporate system is most pernicious.

An irritating side effect being, how do I tell a meaningful synchronicity from an algorithm anymore? I can’t. The fact that these days I take it for granted that the people trying to sell me shit I don’t need are tapping into my digital inner workings and are massaging my mental processes through these devices, makes me value so much more, the parts of life that are screen free. If you think this is paranoia then I'm sorry to say you are deluded and haven't read up enough on the tech and the silicon valley insiders.

This isn't a conspiracy theory, this is just a fact of exponentially growing technology coupled with a corporate capitalist system.

Bill Hicks was especially correct for this era re: advertising being superfluous. We have a tool now that is the ultimate means of transmitting ‘word of mouth’ information. If something is good and useful it can spread across continents in hours. Unfortunately A.I. and algorithms have already flooded into our lives and terminally infected the system.

How we make that situation more in the interests of all humans and the planet as a whole I wish I could see. It’s a powerful and insidious current of energy that it has got flowing now as we all can see and the young are particularly vulnerable as their experience has grown with that in the background.

Education is key of course. How we educate ourselves and especially our kids into healthy discernment when it comes to all information. The digital era has within it an opportunity to reshape the “Collective Imaginings” our society has held for a few centuries. The water that we, as fish have not been aware of.( It’s clear that this is intuited at least, by humanity at large and plays a large role in the tensions of our time. As a musician and artist to see how freely and willingly many, old and young, have given up their personal discernment of the music they listen to, to Spotify playlists or Alexa has been difficult to witness. I hate Alexa.


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