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Thanks for reading, I'm a musician from Manchester the north of England.

My Journey in music really blossomed in the music education system within Manchester, U.K. in the 1980s.

In 1994, I toured extensively in Europe playing Frank Zappa music with Zappa protoge Ike Willis and Liverpool legends The Muffin Men


I had a 12-piece band "The John Ellis Big Bang" which toured England between 1995 - 2001.

Between 2001-2005 I worked with The Cinematic Orchestra and John Squire

In 2005-2008 I formed Little Green with vocalist/writer Judy Green. A distinctive band with roots in classic soul, hip-hop collaborations with DJ Vadim and acoustic based folk music from around the world.

In 2009 I was Assistant Producer on the Kirsty Almeida album "Pure Blue Green/Deja Voodu" beginning a 5 year musical collaboration as  musician and co-writer/arranger.


In the background for many years have been local performances singing and playing with songs ranging from old standards, folk, Prince & The Stone Roses and originals arranged in my own way.

I've played and recorded with quite a few well known artists such as Corinne Bailey Rae, Tom Jones, Lily Allen, James Yorkston, John Squire (Stone Roses) and The Cinematic Orchestra 2001-2005.


I've written scores for various theatre productions (not scores, just a few) including a National Theatre affiliated production based on the novel "A Clockwork Orange" for Benji Reid's Breaking Cycles theatre company.


In 2015 I collaborated with visual artist Antony Barkworth Knight for the Irwin Mitchell commission at the Manchester Jazz Festival.

The piece featured live visual projection and 9 musicians, the performance of "Evolution: Seeds & Streams taking place at Manchester Town Hall. The soundtrack was released in September 2016 on the Gondwana label.


I have a recording and production studio in Manchester called Limefield which continues to produce albums of music with a wide range of artists and musicians. Regular live performances playing and singing around the northwest of England then sometimes around the world with regular collaborators Honeyfeet, The Breath, Kirk McElhinney and Baked ALaSka.

Love is the law